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  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 will not identify HP Photosmart Premium C410

    My HP Photosmart Premium C410 works with all my apps except Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 - what is optimal for imaging program! The printer is defintely selected by default. However, there are two options available on the page 'print' of the EP, and they are very close - which may indicate a problem. First on the drop-down list is "HP Photosmart Prem C410 series fax", while the second (which I chose it) is "HP Photosmart prem C410 series. Whenever I try to print from PES, it starts the fax process...! Someone at - it ideas - all advice gratefully received.


    Please try to rename the "HP Photosmart Premium C410 series Fax' in 'PS C410 Fax. You can substitute:

    Open "printers".

    Click with the right button on the HP Photosmart Premium Fax C410 series and selecting rename

    If it still loads the fax when you printer here are a few steps that we can try.


  • HP Photosmart Premium C410 will not scan

    Windows 7 operating system HP Photosmart C410 when I put a picture on the scanner face down and use the HP solution Center and click on SCAN, scan photo to file, the box that doesn't appear shows no preview and does not allow me to set up. Everything it says to "prepare to analyze." The printer is then his sweeping sounds and when he stops, the printer message says "Document Feeder Jam. Reload document then restart of work. " How can there be a jam? I tried several times with the same result.

    Hello howdysmom.

    I understand that you are unable to scan a document using your Photosmart Premium C410. Please follow this document from HP on the paper jam, to ensure that there is no paper in your printer.

    Also, try a hard reset on your printer. Click here to complete this step. This printer must be in a direct wall, not a surge protector.

    Please send me your troubleshooting steps.

  • Photosmart Premium C410 and XL cartridges

    I have a Photosmart Premium C410. It comes with 1 Black XL cartridge and 4 ordinary cartridges.

    I bought replacement cartridges which are XLs in all colors and the picture, too.

    However, I don't think I can replace the regular cartridges with XLs. I don't they respond:)

    Is this correct?

    Thank you!

    While the Black XL cartridges are physically larger than the standard black cartridge is not the case for the cartrdiges of color. Color XL cartridges are the same physical size as the cartrdiges standard, but they have more ink.

  • HP Photosmart Premium C410: C410 printer

    Printer will copy and print but not scan. Get this message from the solution Center:

    HP solutions Center can not run because your device installation is not complete.

    Please plug in USB or re-run the Setup program from the installation to a network installation CD.

    If it does not complete the installation, or if you do not have the CD, access the HP help files by clicking on the start menu.

    When I try to scan from printer, I get the message "try to start the scan of the computer. Download the message even if the lid is down, or if it is raised. Don't see light as suggested in another post. If I have the bulb for the copy would not I for scanning?

    I turned off computer laptop and printer. Have uninstalled and reinstalled the printer. Have uninstalled and reinstalled the HP Solution Center. Downloaded the printer driver. Help HP, does not help.

    Printer was given to me and I don't have the installation CD or USB connector.


    Please click on the following link to fix the problem.


    If I am an employee of HP, these messages are consistent with my knowledge and HP is not responsible.

    By clicking on the star of congratulations in the post helped you to say thanks.

    Please indicate the position that solved your problem as accepted Solution

  • Photosmart Premium C410: C410 Software Installation fails for not having not supported USB, Win7 Pro

    I just got a laptop HP ProBook G3 450 with Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. I'm unable to install the Photosmart C410 series software and it fails when checking the system requirements, saying the USB hardware and necessary drivers are not present. I tried with and without a USB cable installed and also tried to disable the security firewall. It fails for the same when USB problem only connected via WiFi. The discoveries of software troubleshooting HP Print and Scan doctor that the software is not fully installed, for example, without help. I can connect to the printer and print a test page using my WiFi network using a web browser, and I managed to install it on two other portable Win7 in the past.

    Click the Start button and type folder in the search bar, then open the Temp folder indicated.

    Open the last HP installation folder that begins with 7z (e.g. 7zs1234)
    Open the installation folder.
    Find the file usbready.exe and rename it to usbready.old.exe
    Navigate to the main extraction folder (folders that begins with 7z) and run the Setup.exe file.

    Now follow the installation and check for the difference.

    Kind regards

  • I have a Photosmart Premium c410 series. My hp Solution Center does not work, I can't scan.

    Operating system is Windows Vista, the error message says to reinstall the printer using the installation disc. (I did several times). Really need to scan, but don't know how. States of printer to the computer. This is not the case. my hp Solution Center does not work, I can not scan and I have tried several times to download a driver but it will not work. I have a very frustrated by this and need someone to fix it please

    Hello judieKay

    Would you please provide the full model number? For example C410a. Some models are slightly different from each other and I want to assure you to give you specific information. How can I find my model number?

    Regarding the error, I checked and the following instructions should work on all models of the C410. The following instructions are for the "cleansing" or "cleaning" your computer HP printing software. This should allow you to perform a new installation of your printer and should fix your mistakes.

    Of the Original installation CD:

    1. Insert the CD in the drive and then cancel Setup

    2. open my computer and click right then on the CD from the drive and select open

    3 open the Util folder

    4 open the CCC folder

    5. run the L4uninstall.bat

    6. once the uninstall is complete, restart the computer

    7 run the Accessories\ System Tools Disk Cleanup

    8. download and install the latest version of Adobe flash player


    9 download drivers and full software features

    C410 Photosmart full feature software (Vista)

    10. run the download to reinstall the printer

    If the software has been downloaded and extracted to your system:

    1. type % temp % in the field of race

    2. Locate and open the folder starting with 7z (example: 7zS2356)

    3 open the Util folder

    4 open the CCC folder

    5. run the L4uninstall.bat

    6. once the uninstall is complete, restart the computer

    7 run the Accessories\ System Tools Disk Cleanup

    8. download and install the latest version of Adobe flash player


    9 download drivers and full software features

    C410 Photosmart full feature software (Vista)

    10. run the download to reinstall the printer

  • Photosmart Premium c410: set up printing wireless Samsung rating 5

    My printer is cable connected to my desktop computer.

    I would like to now print wirelessly with my rating 5 android phone. I downloaded the HP ePrint-on my phone but it does not find the printer.

    Is this possible?

    Thank you!



    According the following information, it is not a printer mobile printring.


    You must do the following:


    (Plug in your printer on home network wireless first).

    Kind regards.

  • HP photosmart premium c410 ser: error Scan storage


    I just spent the afternoon sizing and scanning more of 100 pictures of family.

    Unfortunately my target drive must have been defective (lexar USB key).

    When I looked for the files, a message says disc not available. I have not all messages saying that there was a problem, while I was working however.

    I hope that the scanner sent the photos to a different location. I tried without success. They are not in the default drive in the computer.

    Any ideas, other than start over again?

    Kind regards



    If scanned files are not saved, then try the procedure below...

    1. Press Win (key) + R (key) keyboard to display the RUN.
    2. In the window RUN, type %TEMP% , and then press OK.
    3. Temporary folder opens. Now, delete the contents of the TEMP folder.
    4. Restart the PC
    5. Now, try to scan.
  • Photosmart Premium C410 can print but cannot scan

    This printer has been installed and working properly on our home wireless network.

    This morning (coincidentally or not?) after a Windows update last night, this morning, I can't open the solution Center HP to scan; He told me that my installation is incomplete.

    I then tried on our another computer (which has not been used recently and so doesn't have the latest update of Windows Installer) and was able to scan successfully.

    Now, when I try to scan directly from the printer, it does not recognize my laptop and scans directly to the other PC (and yet I can print to it).

    After several unsuccessful attempts, I finally got to re - install the two HP Solution Center and the printer (since the last driver available online) driver. Still having the same problem.

    I've removed what I could from Windows yesterday updated (although it is dated yesterday) but unable to remove one for Silverlight. It made no difference.

    I would like suggestions as to what I can do.


    Download and run the HP utility digitization of diagnostic located here. It can solve a lot of problems and if not give us a better idea of what is happening with the printer.

    Good luck!

  • Photosmart Premium c410

    He can go to power save mode and then do not get enough power to get out. The printer is plugged into a surge protector? If so, please plug the printer directly into a wall outlet. Our printers equipped with a built-in surge look incorporated in the power module so sometimes too much power can be lost when it is plugged into an external power strip as well. In addition, you can disable the option to save energy in total. To do this simply press "setup" key on the front panel of the printer and the arrow 'preferences' and press 'ok '. Left arrow for 'Power saving Mode' and select 'off', click ok and press home (picture of a house). Observe how the printer reacts after rest and let us know if that fixes the problem.

  • can replace the cartridge of hp564 to 178 hp C410 series photosmart premium fax e-ALL-IN-ONE?

    Can replace the cartridge of hp564 to 178 hp C410 series photosmart premium fax e-ALL-IN-ONE?

    564 ink cartridges are intended for America, 178 ink cartridges are intended for different regions.

    If you have moved to the Middle ease, African countries or CIS get a full set of 178 ink cartridges, then contact HP sopport to reset the printer to accept local ink cartridges.

    You can find contact information by selecting your region and following technical support after purchase below:



  • Need instructions for ethernet to wireless for HP Photosmart Premium Fax C410

    The ethernet cable from my office to the printer continues to fall out of the back of the printer if I want to switch to Wi - Fi. I can't find any instructions from the ethernet to wireless access to a printer HP Photosmart Premium Fax C410 already on the network. It works well with my laptop. My office has an external USB wireless connection. The office is a HP Pavillion Elite with Windows 7.

    Hi jlql,

    Follow the instructions in the document below to connect the printer to your wireless network.


  • HP Expert day - error installing printer Photosmart Premium Fax c410a e - AIO

    I have Photosmart Premium Fax c410a printer e - AIO. The printer is connected to my wireless network. I have correctly set up HP eprint and Google Cloud print and can't seem to send documents directly to the printer. I installed HPeprint applications and order of HP printer on my iphone and they connect to the c410 are not able to print. The control printer also analyzes the app, copies and capture page.

    My problem is to install the software of the printer on my laptop running Windows 7 32 bit. I tried to load drivers and software from the CD and HP site, but always get fatal error 3/4 by the intermediary and the restoration. I tried to install base drivers and a complete software package with the same result. They have a PinternControl for Windows? It requires no drivers and wireless.Here is a screenshot of the details of the error message.

    HP Photosmart Premium C410 - eehelp.com (1)

    Hi gfountaine,

    Windows 7 and Windows Vista allows you to have multiple users share the same computer under their own individual accounts. This allows each user to have their own location on the computer where they can store their personal documents, photos, videos, saved games and other personal data. It also allows the owner of the computer assign some accounts the ability to perform administrative tasks such as installing software, while limiting the capabilities of the other user.

    This tutorial will guide you in creating a new account in Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

    1. Click the Start button. It's the small round button (HP Photosmart Premium C410 - eehelp.com (2)) in the lower left corner of your screen that has a Windows flag on it.
    2. Click on the Control Panel menu option.
    3. When Control Panel opens, you will see a screen similar to Figure 1 below.

      HP Photosmart Premium C410 - eehelp.com (3)
      Figure 1. Windows 7 Control Panel

  • What is the difficulty for printer fault General 0x61000f6 for a printer hp photosmart premium all-in-one?

    1 HP Photosmart Premium all-in-One Printer (309 (a)

    2. Windows Vista 64-Bit family

    3. the general printer error 0x61000f6

    4. no change known to printer before developed problem

    0x610000f6 error code is an indicator of a jam of transport in the Photosmart C309a. Please see the document located here for the procedure to help fix a carriage jam.

    Let me know if it helps.

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