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| Morgantown, WV |

Jul 22, 2014

Great Place To Work

Hello everyone,my name is Aazzee and I first want to start off by saying that I cannot believe at times that a job as great as this one exists on this earth.Teletech is by far the best job and company I have ever worked for.No other job compares.This job is definitely taking for granted and under-appreciated by many of people that no longer work here,so I am delighted to say nothing but magnificent things about Teletech since I honestly have nothing negative to say about the place.I do realize that everything I just stated was an opinion so let me go ahead and state some facts about Teletech.Teletech is one of the most flexible jobs you will ever come across,I've seen people work as low as 15 hours a week to as high as 59 hours in a week(depending on if they have overtime available-which they do majority of the time).You also can choose the days of the week that you want to work and set the hours of the week that you want to work as well.For example,if you work 30 hours a week such as myself,you can split that up into three 10 and a half hour shifts and have 4 days off or two 10 and a half our shifts and two 5 hour shifts and have 3 days off or five 6 hour shifts and have 2 days off.Whatever is suitable for you and fits your needs,Teletech will do their very best to accommodate you.They also offer the ability to flex your schedule.For example,if you work 30 hours a week and you normally work those hours on Monday,Tuesday,and Wednesday but for some reason your not able to make


ConsNo Cons


Customer Service Representative

| Greeley, CO |

Mar 19, 2021

Training makes you consider jumping into the nearest lake instead of being there

Not as bad as some other call centers around NOCO, but it is still JUST a call center and the last resource when you need a job fast that will pretty much hire anyone. Pay is ok for that sort of work, and it is better than ending up flipping burgers, or waiting tables, or, not being able to pay your bills. Good place for young people to have their first professional "grown-up" job and learn customer service skills, and how to do a job that requires learning how to engage and speak to people, which can carry into other positions in life. It sounds good when you say you work for USAA, but in reality you have no connection to USAA at all. The three stars come from the above factors. If I had to base on the experience below, it would be one star. With all that said, training isn't just useless, it makes every nerve stand on edge because of utterly pointless and totally off the mark it is! I spent most of the time being beyond irritated, ready to get up and walk off. Instead of learning anything about your job, or software and tools you'll be using to navigate for your members, you hear about vague missions, and values, watch silly outdated videos, and get shown a PowerPoint with random military pictures. After that, you get asked irrelevant questions such as, "When you think of military, what comes to mind?" Who cares what comes to mind, we aren't in the military? From there, you have to answer absurd questionnaires about your personal life, totally inapplicable to you

ProsJob anyone can get. Long breaks. Part-time hours. Better than digging ditches or churning butter

ConsThe trainer. Training. Class starting at 6am. Oh, the trainer. Did I mention that?


Team Leader

| Duluth, GA |

Feb 1, 2020

The truth about ttec duluth

I am not a disgruntled employee. I work here and I don't plan on leaving anytime soon. BUT this is by far the worst job for anybody to have. Duluth ga ttech is a mess. I don't know how the other states are. This is the most disfucntional private prison you could imagine . And I'm a TL and prison ward at the same time. On one hand, the inmates are running the prison. Agent can pretty much do whatever they want, come to work when ever they want, and talk to team leads however they want. Anyone can be hired off the streets, and it's almost impossible to get fired. "No attrition is good attrition". We as TLs are suppose to threaten them with final warnings all day, but then give them unlimited extended final warnings so that we never actually fire anybody. We are suppose to make them feel bad about pretty much everything but so it in a way that gets buy . It's like a pimp telling you that you ain't nothin, and then telling you , You know I love you right. Or I do this because I care about you. The agents should leave but they also have figured out that , they ain't gonna get fired, and if they do , they already have another job lined up because that's what they been doing all those days they didn't come to work. Interviewing. And while it's true that this job starts at 19 per hour at a call center, it's really not good money in Atlanta. So the agents don't care cause it's not enough money to out up with the B's, but enough that they will stay until they are ready to jump ship. Pl


Customer Service Representative

| Remote |

Apr 15, 2020

The SBA program was a hot messss! LAY OFFS

Ladies and gentleman grab your popcorn. You are now about to taken through the HORRENDOUS AND GRUESOME experience of what and how Ttec treated their workers on the SBA project work at home which lasted 2 WEEKS1. They notified 1,500 people through their emails on a Saturday Night that they had no other day to interview but on a SUNDAY AFTERNOON.2. "TRAINING" started MONDAY and it was only 1 DAY. 3. MONDAY was filled with so much confusion, agony & chaos. One of the "trainers" had a very nasty attitude. She was from the brick and mortar part of Ttec. It was very obvious she got on by who she knew, because the criteria couldn't been due to her skill sets, character or hard-work. She treated the 40+ people in the zoom class like children. The other trainer was nice, but the other one was a very poor selection.4. All "TRAINING" consist of was a manual PDF guide of getting a username and password of the client's phone system. After that everything really went down hill. We downloaded more PDF guides of the SBA scripts and information. We took a "test call" just to see if our headset was working AND THAT WAS IT! WE WENT STRAIGHT TO CALLS. 5. WE HAD NO LUNCH BREAK. THAT IS ILLEGAL.THIS WHY THEY STAY BEING SUED. WHEN LUNCH WAS BEING MENTIONED, THEY IGNORED THE QUESTION. OUR TRAINING STARTED AT 12:00 PM EST TO 8:30 PM. WE took one break at 2:00 pm and after that, they kept putting us in all these different zoom rooms with different trainers/facilitators who didn'

Prosthe calls were easy

Conslook at the review


Customer Service Representative

| Kalispell, MT |

May 3, 2017

A good job in a stressful environment

It's my thought that working as a customer service rep at TeleTech is not a bad job- not at all. The pay is good, benefits are great, and as customer service, you're helping anyone your client provides for. As far as I'm concerned, that's great.But while the job itself is fine and good, the environment around it is stifling and high-strung. While the center I worked at has changed it's performance guidelines, for the 8 months I worked at TeleTech all agents were held to extremely strict metrics of customer satisfaction and call time. Although you were not necessarily fired if you were in a lower bracket as far as I know, bonus and promotion opportunities were all but gated off except to those that were in the first or second quartiles of performance. The amount of time you were expected in a single call was ludicrous at just under 300 seconds. While this goal is suitable for people asking just for a simple account check up or change, calls can regularly tip over that 5 minute limit if they have more than one concern or their account is compromised. As someone who got a large volume of these types of calls, my call times were regularly into the 400s. Additionally, the calls themselves were very rarely hospitable.That would be fine for me; I was not very interested in the extra bonuses if I couldn't get my call time down, because what was important to me was that I assisted each customer to the best of my ability. However, the entire company structure is based around your

ProsPaid training, frequent promotion oppotunities, great pay

ConsHigh call volume, extreme focus on bonus metrics, occasional lack of knowledge for roamers


Customer Service Representative

| Remote |

Sep 27, 2019

Worse company that I have ever worked for

Where do I start? The management in this company for one is nonexistent. You basically have people who are not on one accord whatsoever. Everyone pretty much has the CYOA method and nobody really is there to help each other. When coming to supervisors or leads about anything, they seem like they don't want to be bothered or have a "no can do" attitude which makes anyone on the lower level feel intimidated and that they don't have a say in any matters concerning their employment. Training is basically a lot of information thrown at you. You must hope that you learn enough to apply it to real-life situations. The trainers are pretty much the same way with the supervisors, they have absolutely no idea what they are doing and lack any form of ethics or respect towards their coworkers. Working environment. Being that I was a work at home employee, I still felt the childishness and disorganization within this company even at a distance. No one was on one accord. Systems constantly failing, software crashing, not being able to get into my computer environment because my software was faulty or some crazy work booth issue. It just a recipe for disaster and there's nothing worse than for somebody to blame you and accuse you of being late when obviously it was something out of your control which is their glitchy system causing you to be late. Always technical issues almost daily and instead of fixing the issue, they would much rather instead blame you because well they can

ProsThe option to work remotely

ConsDisorganized, low pay, immature leadership, no job security, so many negatives I could go on for days


Customer Service Representative

| Uniontown, PA |

Sep 17, 2012

Not For Everyone

Typical day was taking inbound calls from customers in order to troubleshoot and resolve problems for a telecommunications company, which I found very rewarding and challenging. However, we were expected to resolve these issues within 7 minutes, which could explain why loads of the cases I worked with had been escalated and passed around for days at a time without a resolution. I didn't always stick to that 7 minute rule because as a consumer, I always tried to treat my customers the way I would want to be treated. This did not help me as far as quality assurance went. haha However, I loved the magic that I did (being respectful, courteous, ignoring insults and threats) that even the most difficult customers were no longer difficult by the time I got through with them.I was shocked when I finally began taking calls how little 4 weeks of training really helped with what I needed to do in order to help resolve customer issues. I was lost, and it seems that Teletech not only expects, but accepts this. If during training we were able to constantly do simulated calls, learning how to resolve them, instead of just the very basic skills, and practicing, practicing, practicing how to find what we needed on the various screens, rather than focusing on a "fun" environment and literally playing "games" that had little to do with our essential job functions that we would need, I really believe that we could have had some well-trained agents before we even hit the floor.It seemed to m

Proschallenging, pay, benefits

Constraining, shift changes constantly, teletech holdings, inc.


Technical Support

| Albuquerque, NM |

Feb 25, 2015

Easy to work for, but low pay and high maintenance cost.

Typically, I would get up, get showered and dressed, and head straight for my computer to log in. Logging into the job varied from project to project.I learned alot about troubleshooting with people over the phone and how to communicate with them effectively. I also learned how to document tickets efficiently and quickly to ensure repeat technical issues could be solved efficiently.Management wasn't bad, but it was as expected with human nature, I had "eh" managers, but for the most part I actually had pretty decent managers who knew the situation. We were a team and in constant communication due to us working from home, and the management had to account for that(they to worked from home).I had friendly co-workers as well, I suppose I was lucky to have some good ones.The hardest part of the job was the maintenance issue. Technical support was something we also had to contact regularly and they were very sub-par. They'd blame the router/modem regularly and there was an endlessly growing list of "don't use this piece of equipment". If your modem or router was on that list, you had to buy a new one even if it costed 100-200 dollars and they also would not troubleshoot your problem. EVEN IF YOUR PROBLEM CLEARLY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR EQUIPMENT AND WAS SOLVED BEFORE IN A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT MANNER.This, combined with the low pay, ensured I had no choice but to leave, even if I was otherwise able to do the job. I simply could not afford to work for

ProsEasy to work for due to the job being from home. No gas costs.

ConsMay lay off and then rehire at lower wages, Expensive and unrealistic tech specification demands combined with former.


Customer Service Representative

| Uniontown, PA |

Feb 7, 2013

Decent place to work if you are just looking for a paycheck and want to deal with a lot of hassle and stress.

The company itself is OK at best. Training however is horrible, for my particular project there was 3 weeks of training which included 1 whole week of learning about TeleTech itself (which was a complete waste of time but at least you get 1 weeks pay for basically learning nothing) and then 2 weeks of "learning" about how to do the actual job that I and my training class was hired for. We had one time where we were able to "Y-Cord" with another experienced representative for about 30 minutes. The representatives we were "Y-Cording" with were navigating around the system so fast that we really learned nothing. During training there was no actual hands on training about how to use the system that we were going to use. Only training about how to use something called "IOP" which really was never of any help even though we were essentially required to use "IOP" on every call. Supervisors don't really ever want to help they just say "just call help line". There were maybe 1 or 2 supervisors that were actually willing to help. You get transferred from team to team without any notice. You get MTO (mandatory time off) and are sent home 20 minutes after you arrive for your shift. The pay was decent but not nearly enough for the stress that you have to deal with. To be honest I would rather be unemployed than work 1 more day at TeleTech. Training 3 weeks does not help at all. They are more concerned with pleasing the "client" than pleasing their employees. You get written up for getting

Prosholiday pay

Conshmm basically everything


Customer Service Representative

| Atlanta, GA |

Dec 30, 2013

To stressful, not enough help,pay, and flexibility.

I worked at this job as a temp for the BestBuy rewards program and it is the most demanding stressful job I have ever worked for. For starters when you think of working at home you think of flexibility well I don't know how other work at home jobs are, but TeleTech has left a sour taste in my mouth. I have worked in a call center before, so I kind of had an idea what to expect, but this job is nothing like a normal call center, although you are suppose to be able to do the same thing. They will tell you it's flexible hours but that's a bunch of crock after the 3 week training which includes 2 week training with ur trainer and 1 week of inbound call training, you start to receive calls on issues you were never trained on and you only get minimal if any help, and then when you don't know something and there's an irate customer on the line you can't just transfer them to a supervisor, instead you have to keep the irate customer on the line while you chat with the coaches and you have to practically beg a coach to take the call before they take it, but they will only take it once they tell you everything that common sense has already told you to tell the customer, honestly on two occasions I hung up on customers because I was so frustrated with being cussed out over changes that happened before I even started working with them and I tried to explain what I was told to say to the customers while desperately waiting for a coach to take the call, and to top it off they listen and h


ConsInflexible, stressful, poor management, poor assistance, low pay.


Customer Service Representative

| Montréal, QC |

Aug 16, 2019

The training program was terrible and some of the supervisors don't even care about you

TTEC Montreal; Some of the supervisors aren't even doing their jobs properly but they are looked up as gods to some people. While other people think they are backstabbing fakes.They don't care if you're new and still learning - they'll fire you if they think you're not doing your job properly, without any chance to improve. They don't give you warnings - they just fire you. The training program they have is bull because you barely learn anything from it. And you're expected to be perfect when in Integration or when on the floor. You barely get any money - $12.50 an hour, for a job that isn't even enjoyable and is stressful. Then you have the "coaching" meetings. Which is basically their way of telling you what you're doing "wrong" (in their opinion) or to tell you off on things. Including the stupidest things there is. The classrooms that you train in are never cleaned. The environment should be more clean, dusted, mopped, swept - but it is NOT.There's no sanitizers. The bathroom is sometimes clogged up and the flush on the toilet is leaking in some of them. The computers don't work and they crash even during the CALLS. Putting the customers back in the queue, frustrated or angry - and then another agent will have to deal with that. You don't have a computer you're assigned to. You have way too many accounts and usernames you have to memorize. The programs used during training teach you absolutely NOTHING about the actual job and what you'll actually BE doing

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